Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Finding Work at U of T

What kinds of jobs are available at U of T?

Professor, accountant, campus police constable, counsellor, communications specialist, caretaker, operating engineer, sports coach, research officer, lab technician, writer, finance manager, electrician, and IT specialist are only a few of the many job opportunities available at the University of Toronto (U of T).

If you are interested in a specific job but do not see it posted, please remember that what you see posted is only a snapshot of the types of jobs that we recruit for every year. Our staffing requirements vary therefore we suggest that you register a profile, select to receive job posting notifications via email, set up a custom RSS feed, or continue to visit the Careers site for exciting new opportunities.

Where do I look for research positions?

All research associate and senior research associate positions are posted on our Careers website. If you have a research background in a particular field, or are interested in a specific project, you may wish to contact the appropriate department or lead investigator directly to inquire as to whether or not they are hiring and when the positions will be posted.

Are all the jobs available at U of T posted on the web? Where else should I look?

Most staff jobs at the University are posted here on our HR & Equity website, via our online application system (Taleo). Skilled trades are not generally posted, as they are usually hired through the appropriate hiring halls. However, some CUPE Local 3261 jobs are posted on our online application system. Academic postings are also listed online.

Academic and staff opportunities are also posted on an ongoing basis on our LinkedIn company page.

What do the different employment groups mean? Will I be in a union?

Depending on the duties and responsibilities associated with a position, an employee is classed in one of several employment groups, each of which is governed under a specific set of policies. Each of the University’s union groups also has an individual collective agreement, and faculty and librarians have their own agreement and policies.

Over 80 per cent of the University’s non-academic staff are unionized, including library workers, operating engineers, administrative and technical staff, police and skilled trades and services personnel. Non-unionized employees include research associates, professional / managerial staff, and confidential administrative staff.

What does ‘appointment type’ refer to?

Each job posting indicates how the position is funded and includes details about the position.

  • Continuing employees have no predetermined end date
  • Term employees are hired for an initial appointment of at least six (6) months in length and have a predetermined end date
  • Part-time employees have appointments based on less than 100 per cent of the full-time hours of work. Full time hours of work vary by employee group. Please refer to the applicable collective agreement or policy for more information.
  • Casual employees are hired for a specific term and are considered as non-appointed staff (not eligible for benefits coverage)
  • Sessional employees hold continuing appointments during the academic session (or part of) and are on layoff for the balance of the academic year

I want to work for a specific department, but I don’t see any jobs posted for it. Can I just send my resume directly?

Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited resumes.