Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Work at U of T

What are the technical requirements for using the online application system?

The University of Toronto (U of T) uses an online application system (also referred to as the Taleo system) for most of our job postings. This system lets you create a profile to keep track of the positions you’ve applied for, provides confirmation that your application has been accepte, allows you to edit submitted applications up until the posting closing date, and notifies you via email of jobs that match your skills and interests.

Mobile devices (i.e., iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android devices, etc.) and legacy browsers (i.e., AOL, Netscape, Internet Explorer 6) are not supported at this time. The site may not function as expected if JavaScript has been disabled in your browser.

Recommended Operating Systems

  • Windows: Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9 and above

Recommended Browsers (JavaScript required)

Windows / PC:

  • Internet Explorer (IE): versions 7 through 11
  • Chrome: version 37 and greater
  • Firefox: version 32 and greater


  • Safari 7 or 8

Which job board should I use to apply for a position?

U of T has a variety of employee groups, and certain groups may apply for positions on specific job boards. Here is a summary of what job board you should be checking:

Where do I look for research positions?

All research associate and senior research associate positions are posted on our Careers website. If you have a research background in a particular field, or are interested in a specific project, you may wish to contact the appropriate department or lead investigator directly to inquire as to whether or not they are hiring and when the positions will be posted.

Can you inform me when jobs I am interested in are posted?


To be informed of positions at U of T via email, register your profile on our online application system (Taleo) and select your preferences (based on job function, location and division or faculty). Please note that you will not be informed of all jobs being posted at the University, only those that match your indicated interests.

How do I get more details about the job I just applied to?

The HR office listed on the job posting can provide a full job description at your request.

Will my profile remain confidential?


Your profile information will only be accessed by appropriate U of T HR professionals and hiring managers, and we have implemented procedures to ensure that your information remains secure and protected. A privacy statement, which explains how information will be collected and used, can be found before you register your profile.

I’ve submitted an application for a job. Will I automatically be considered for other similar jobs?


You must apply individually to specific positions at the University to be considered for them. However, if you would like to be informed of jobs at U of T directly via email, you can choose our career alert when you fill out a candidate profile.

What is the Applicant Diversity Survey?

The University of Toronto is committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, and their fundamental relationship to excellence. We collect applicant diversity data to help inform, evaluate and diversify our employee recruitment and talent management strategies. These efforts add to our ongoing work to build an equitable and inclusive community where all members flourish, and to advance employment equity across our three campuses.

The Applicant Diversity Survey includes questions pertaining to the four designated groups as specified in Canada’s Employment Equity Act (i.e. women, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities). It also queries additional information that helps to advance equity, diversity and inclusion work at U of T, such as ethnocultural identities, gender identity, visible and invisible disabilities, and sexual orientation.

You may choose to decline to answer any of the questions in the survey. Any information directly related to you is confidential and cannot be accessed by search committees or human resources representatives administering the recruitment process. Response data will be aggregated for institutional planning purposes.

Are all the jobs available at U of T posted on the web? Where else should I look?

Most staff jobs at the University are posted here on our HR & Equity website, via our online application system (Taleo). Skilled trades are not generally posted, as they are usually hired through the appropriate hiring halls. However, some CUPE Local 3261 jobs are posted on our online application system. Academic postings are also listed online.

Academic and staff opportunities are also posted on an ongoing basis on our LinkedIn company page.

What does ‘appointment type’ refer to?

Each job posting indicates how the position is funded and includes details about the position.

  • Continuing employees have no predetermined end date
  • Term employees are hired for an initial appointment of at least six (6) months in length and have a predetermined end date
  • Part-time employees have appointments based on less than 100 per cent of the full-time hours of work. Full time hours of work vary by employee group. Please refer to the applicable collective agreement or policy for more information.
  • Casual employees are hired for a specific term and are considered as non-appointed staff (not eligible for benefits coverage)
  • Sessional employees hold continuing appointments during the academic session (or part of) and are on layoff for the balance of the academic year

Is applying online the only method I can use?

U of T does not accept unsolicited resumes.

Closing dates?

All positions on this site list a closing date, which is the last date for submissions. Positions close at 11:59 p.m. on the closing date. The job will no longer appear on the U of T Taleo website after this date and late applications will not be accepted.

When will I hear from U of T if I have been granted an interview for a position?

Since every position is different and can have any number of applications, there is no standard time period. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving job posting notifications?

You can unsubscribe to this setting at any time. Just log in to your Candidate Profile, and then follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your account
  • Either select Submit / Modify Your Profile or the drop-down arrow beside your name and select Profile
  • Proceed through the first few pages until you find the box Accept invitations by email on career opportunities matching this profile
  • Deselect the check mark to stop receiving job matches
  • To reactivate this feature, follow the same process but select the check mark